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Singapore Design

We are proud to introduce our very first SecureFlap backpack.  Featuring a stylish flap overlapping a frontal zip pocket.  


With the zippers tucked snugly under the flap, it is virtually impossible for anyone to open without you detecting it.


Perfect for your daily commuting needs in a busy cityscape.

  • Premium Ultra Smooth material
  • Very durable 
  • Lightweight
  • Premium quality zips
  • Carrying capacity H 41cm x W 28cm x D 16.5cm

Diem - SecureFlap

  • Features

    Spacious compartment

    Ergonomic back support


    Premium Material

    Waterproof & Scratch Resistant


    Reflective Stripes

    Safety Oriented


    Spacious Interior

    Various Mini Pockets



    Less than 1Kg


    Omni-flow Back

    Custom designed back cushion for omni-directional airflow



    H 41cm x W 28CM x D 17.5CM

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